Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012


Intan Izati Ibrahim, Student of  PGSD Bachelor UNJ

Intan Izati Ibrahim, that's my name..
yeah.. I'm just ordinary girl who lived in extraordinary life. I'm coming from small village in Purbalingga > have you ever heard that city before? That's an amazing place. So many things happened there and I was so happy become who I am now by coming from that city called Purbalingga.

That now I live at Jalan Rawamangun Muka Selatan no. 15 RT 007/012 Jakarta Timur 13220. I'm the 7th semester (by now October 2012) student and preparing the thesys to complete my education in UNJ. Hope I will be graduating soon in 2013 and could teach in the elementary school in Jakarta.

I really love my parents and family. They are my biggest inspiration and motivation. In 2013 I want to finish my education in PGSD UNJ. Be a bachelor, and mubaleghot. After that I want to teach in elementary school in Jakarta. And after that off course I want to get marry. Wow. Can I make all of those dream come true? Off course I can!!!

My Resolution in 2013. I hope those will be come true.

I'm nobody that wanna be somebody.
I'm nothing that really wanna be something.

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