Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Danke Mein Onkel

Danke my beloved uncle. For every thought that you've given to me. For every words, gifts, presents, and every little attentions. I'm really glad to have you. You're one of my inspiration. And I will take the "goods" from you.

You're one of the reasons why I believe I could pursue my dreams. There's no matter could or could not. As long as we believe in our dreams and always struggle to make it happen. Yes, someday we'll see. I will be there and meet you in some place in German. But maybe I will visit Paris, France first hehe ;D.

Expand my knowledge, networking and join the social community. Study hard to make my dreams come true. That's your words for me. I will always remember it and try to do it in my life. I don't care about your opinion about "that radicalism thinking", I appreciate it.

Onkel, I believe that someday you will get marry to Germanish woman who is very beautiful, sophisticated, ellegant, and stylish. And she will give you a very cute kids. And they will speak in German or English, not "ngapak". Okay.

I know you underestimate my own local language, but as you know my "Ngapak" is much more better than your Kebumenese language. I'm proud of my ngapak. Got a problem? Ciyusan? Miapah? Micelor?

As you said that family is your biggest inspiration, and even you felt homesick sometimes. It shows that you are still human being. "Ya iyalah". Anyway, I love you so much.

My family is my biggest inspiration too. They are the reasons why I still struggle my life. To see them happy and proud of me is my dream. Anyway, right or wrong, black or white they are still my family, and forever it would be. But I will still pursue my own dreams. Maybe first, I have to fulfill their dream. After that I will chase mine. Eh iya nggak sih? Okay I want to discuss it with you later. Tapi kata lek, jangan sampe keinginan orang lain menghalangi keinginan hati kecil kamu sendiri. Okay, maybe I must think about it.

I'm always still happy whatever the obstacles come. Because, just me who can define that I am happy or not. Not anyone else. Is it right? ;)

Okay, I think this is the end of my letter to you. I call it "Letter to Uncle". Read it ya please hehe. I dream that you and I will go to somewhere, discuss about anything ridiculous, spending the time, just in one day. Okay. Let's see it'd be happened or not.

Danke for  the birthday present (eventhough it's not the purse that I really want, it's okay). Danke for riding me to PPM Rawamangun by cab. Do you know if I didn't follow the cab, I would be stucked by the traffic jam. Have a fabulous dinner with your colleague in GI (Grand Indonesia ya, not Goethe Institute :D).

I know that you will say me "lebay" or anything. But, whatever it is, this is the truly who I am. This is me. And I will love you, grandparents and any members of my family until the end of time. Insya Alloh.

I hope you will be more successful than now and always give the advantages to others. Be a wise man. Always loving and caring to your family especially your parents. Guten nacht. *bener gak ya selamat malem bahasa Jermannya ituh???*

This is the wrap of the present. A cute black and purple.

The BeYu Power Volume Mascara.

Mein Onkel, Suprapto.
Tampang gue serem amat di sini -_-

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