Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Brain Needs To Rest

I couldn't agree more about the tittle of this post. Yup! Our brain really really needs to rest. Imagine how long it have worked and so many things that brain serves us, It does really need rest.

Me, as a example. Honestly, this week is my hardest and struggling thing to do. I pass my final exams (for all subjects) and felt so exhausted. But, anyway, I have to face it, do the best and give the rest to Him.

So, I decided to go into the place where we can shout out loud, sing every song we want to song and express our body move and nobody cares. Do you know where is that? Great! Karaoke room.

Gadis, Eci, Imel and I went to Inul Vizta on Plaza Semanggi to karaoke. After choosing me a shoes that looked good on my foot, and no longer 2 days the shoes is broken -__-. I don't know what's wrong with me errrrrr. Okay, back to the topic :).  This is not our first time having fun in Inul Vizta. You can read our first time review on Echie's post. We sang the song we want to sing there. It's not really that long. Just 1 hour because Imel must back to campus.

Imel also captured this moment in her blog post. Check it out guys on hari ibu hari bergalau" ria. And the best part of this moment is I sang my favorite song and video it and uploaded on Youtobe hahhaha. Even I can't say, this thing could make me famous like Charice or Briptu Norman, I could express what I'm feeling and sing it with my heart.

Feel so curious on my video? Check it out, guys.

I dedicate this song to someone I love much before. And after all of that bad thing he treated me. Why he become so stupid leave me to another who doesn't have the love as big as mine? I really want him to watch this video, but I know he can't. He is old-skul -__-".

Hahaha that's not a big deal. The important thing is I could express what I'm feeling and sing it with heart :') and I feel much better than before. See, our brain does really need rest and we can do anything to let it rest. Like hanging out with girlies and spending time with karaoke. You know yourself better, guys. 

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