Minggu, 13 November 2011

My Bunny is lost and I'm feeling so sad :'(

My Sunday morning is begin with the sad news. Bunny, my lovely rabbit is gone. We don't know when, but that night I was sleeping at 3 am and didn't hear anything. But thing I'm sure is there were so many motorcycle that came and out of the building. Our mistake is we don't lock up his cage, so that's easy for the robber to catch him. Honestly, we never locked up him for so long time because we thought that it's safe to do that. And we are terribly wrong. I'm in regret now, hikz :"(. Owh I feel so sad now. He always jump around me. Eat carrot that I gave to him. Give hug and kiss for him. He was the one who I search when I back home from school. I hug him and ask him what happen today. Whom he plays with? And I share to him what I've trough today. When I were on boarding school, I really miss him. I use the shampoo that he always use. And the smell reminds me of him. He is a very cute bunny. That's why I named him Bunny.

I do more appreciate the existence of Bunny when yesterday I saw "The Hachiko" that tought me to give more love to your pet and the pet will love you more. I saw the movie with tears on my face. And I promise to myself to love him more. And he lost when I hasn't bathed him yet.

Bunny always refuses when he gone out from cage to take a bath. He always attemp to runaway but I stronger than him. I cut his nails and you can say he really refuses that. But, he must trough it.

That's Bunny when I finished bathing him. He looks like a rat and no handsome. Maybe that's the reason that he always refuses to bath. He looks so messy. ==>>

Bunny has married to someone he loves. But, the former owner never feed them. So, the girl was dead tragically. And, Bunny is given to us. We are so happy to see our new family member. He is so cute, greedy, and love to jump. We love him so much. We feed him everyday. Carrot, cabbage, cucumber, snacks and he still loves to steal noodles from shop. Whatever things happened, we still love him. And as the undesirable things, the news is come. He's lost. Goodbye my lovely Bunny. I hope you'll be happy with your new owner. Or if you have been made to satay, I hope you could feed them who steal you. We're so sorry if a long time you've been with us, you feel unhappy and sadness. But, from the deepest of our heart, we love you so much.

The lesson to you who loves your pet so much, don't forget to feed them, lock them up safely on cage and always says something positive to them to make them love you more. Enjoy every moment you spend with, take many pictures as you can, and they will love you forever.
Goodbye Bunny :'(

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  1. ohhh, i am sorry to hear that. Cemungudh kakak.. semoga bunny _____ (isi sendiri)

  2. iya ni PIC , asli gue sedih banget .. :'( .. Semoga bunnny tenang di alam sana ..