Minggu, 06 November 2011

English Consentration Assignment

Goodnight people *yawn (i'm trying to keep updating this blog even i feel so sleepy this time

You know, people always changes. that's all we do. change and change everytime to be a better person than before. so do I. i'm the lazy girl (i admit it) and i know if i continue that bad habit, i will never be a successful person. so i must change and try hard to be a diligent one. wish me could trough this. :)

I take English consentration at my department. Students who have passed the 5th semester must pick one consentration (consist of English, Sport, Math, Strategy of Learning, Science) to measure their ability in that subject and to be a guidance to make thesys later.

And I don't imagine that I have a very hard assigment that I must do. Yeah, that's not that hard, but for me as a lazy person, that's quite difficult to me. I must make the media that consist of evaluation too for elementary school students. It could be a record, video, song or anything else that coud be a media. I search it for long time. I hope I could finish this assignment before the deadline.

okay, i think I must go to sleep now. I must recharge my energy to face tomorrow. Good night people. Have a nice dream :)

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