Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

my sad story at July 6th 2011

Wednesday, July 06, 2011
10;31 pm

Holla my diary blog. Thanks banget bro buat kalian yang terus mantengin blog gue ini, yang yeh yeh yeh ini lah. Hehehe , but never mind. Anyway I still love ya all for your attention to my blog.
Okay, I just wanna share about what did happen to me today. Today is the announcement of the winner of quiz which I’ve been involved. The system of this quiz is the winner must get the highest vote from anyone and he will get the fabolouz prize. Guess what? The Blackberry smartphone. Omg!! That’s the prize that I really want to win that cool stuff.
I give you a chance to guess what happen. Yeah, the fact is I became a finalist of big 5 and I have to search for as many votes as I can. You know I do everything. Do you know what I’m doing? I tweeted so many tweets. I begged anyone else to RT my twitpic. You know, I do it for so long time. We are given 5 days to search any votes. The day and the night, I begged anyone’s RTs to vote my twitpic and became a winner to win a blackberry. So many challenges that I got. Such as, one said ”Who the hell are you?” “What’s this?” “Is this a competition? If I vote you, what will I get?” and so many responses that I can explain here one by one. I felt that, if only I’m not a finalist, so I don’t have to find any votes. But yeah, the chance chosen me. Maybe this is a time for me to get a free Blackberry or get such kind of extraordinary expeience.
My hand is so sick and my eyes is so sleepy while doing that and I feel that my tweets were so annoying and makes my followers distrurbed. Oh I’m sorry my dearest follwers. I don’t mention it. I just wanna have Blackberry smartphone. You can unfollow me if you want. I never force you to follow me and follow me back. Feel free to unfollow me. I don’t mind 
Okay, Let’s see the next part. And here it comes. The announcement of the winner who will get the free fabulous blackberry from @Cplusmovement. And the winner is the king of quizzes. I think I don’t have to mention him. He’s very famous among us quiz hunter. He’s so lucky and always gets a fabulous prize. But, the hell yeah, I lose! I think it’s unfair. I tweeted so many tweets like a crazy girl. Like the one who has no followers that disturbed. Like somebody who has no any activities that can be done but tweeting all the time.and the winner just take it easy and do nothing. But he has a good strategy and his name is famous. Yeah I must not be so stupid to defeat him. The chance is still there, but the result says the truth. I don’t win and just get the entertainment stuffs. I guess I just will get some medicines like what I got in their event last time. I don’t need it. I need Black berry. Or iPod if they want to entertain me at all. I’m crying all the time and regret for everything that I’ve done and want to repeat my last wasted to not join this ridiculous quiz. I wasted so many my privileges time just for something useless. But anyway. The decide is decided and nobody can ignore it. Yeah it just happened. He won, I lost, the truly fact. I must receive it at all and let it gone. The best thing I got is I must give mybestest if I want the best come to me. Thanks for many help which I got from friends, families, followers and anybody’s kindly hearted.
Yeah I must give my bestest if I wan something best come to me. And it’s not easy. Take it my usefull experience and not to be so overconfidence. We can do our bestest, but the results is in God’s hands.
Okay that’s all I wanna shre to you today. Hope it could be your usefull lesson and could take some advantages by reading this. Thank again so much for your attention. Good bye and still read my recent update. 

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