Minggu, 23 September 2012

When I Remember Something About Lonesome, I Remember You

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Nobody knows my sorrow.
(sung by Louis Armstrong)
There’s so many things in life that could not be spoken. That could not be seen by others. That could not be shared to others.
When you always think that nobody could understand what you feel and the problems inside. Think that you always have to understand other’s willing and needs, but nobody wants to know your willing and your needs.
Lone, Lonely, Lonesome, Alone, Loneliness
You saw the darkness in every lights you’ve spreaded. The darkness inside you. You need someone who fulfills your emptiness. But one trouble rises again. You’re not allowed to have it. And then you’re lonely again.
You’re just a human. An ordinary people who wasn’t strong enough to face problems alone. And have to face the fact that you are not permitted to have someone who will always be by your side.
You need someone who always be on your side when you think you’re too weak to face the world. You need someone whom you can share every story you through everyday with. You need someone who always hugs you when you’re exhausted for being a good people when you want to be bad. You just need a sequence attention and understand you at all.

Lonely, I'm Mister Lonely

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